About Detroit Reman

Detroit Reman is the leader in the remanufacture of products for on and off-highway power systems.

Our diverse experiences and constantly expanding capabilities result in expert craftsmanship and innovative restoration processes

Detroit Reman provides the highest-value aftermarket solutions by collaborating with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

DDR Remanufacturing FacilityIn addition to the Detroit Genuine Parts brand, Detroit Reman supplies a growing list of key contract customers

With a network of specialized facilities across the U.S. and Mexico, Detroit Reman continuously improves its capabilities to remanufacture an expanding product portfolio.

Six remanufacturing plants strategically located in the NAFTA region:

  • Wide range of products remanufactured, including engines, axles, water pumps, oil pumps, transmissions, electronics and other components. 
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities ensuring documented and controlled remanufacturing operations and processes
  • Highly trained employees take pride in their work to deliver world class quality at a great value.

Engine Remanufacturing